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gTalk Pinless Calling Card

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gTalk Pinless Calling Service offers low cost and cheap calling rates to BANGLADESH, INDIA, PAKISTAN and many more countries around the world. Sign up with g Talk Pinless by using the link and promo code bellow.

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When you open a gTalk Pinless calling account with promo code: RSUUD2

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  • No connection/ maintenance fee
  • No expiration date
  • Low calling rates
  • 1 minute billing increment
  • Premium voice quality
  • Recharge account using credit card.
  • 40 HOT number dial / 99 SPEED dial facility
  • Register up to 6 phone numbers.
  • View recharge, call records, reward online
  • 24/7 live customerservice/ Multi-language support

gTalk Pinless card review:

gTalk pinless calling card service India, Bangladesh, Pakistan offers great rates and for around the world. The call quality of gTalk calling is really good; you can say the best quality you can get this days. You won't see any difference between calling your next door vs calling other countries. gTalk rates for international VoIP calls to India is very cheap as well as to Bangladesh and other countries. Gtalk international calling cards are very popular among those top of the line international pinless calling card services. That is because gtalk international rates are free of any types of hidden charges, like connection fee, maintenance fee etc. You will find gtalk phone call rates are about the same or cheaper than most companies, but gtalk phone call phone quality is far better and calls won't drop middle of conversation like most cards do.

How does Pinless calling card work?

Unlike phone card, you don’t need a PIN # to use with gtalk pinless dial. You just dial to an access number from your home or cell phone and you will be connected to you account instantly. Then just dial the number you want to call.

You don’t need to dial 011 to make international calls. Just dial the country code and the number where you are calling. For calls to US and Canada, dial 1 + the area code and the number.

After signup, go to to login to your account. Some people type for gTalk pinless calling card, but that is not the correct address.